Our goal was to create a design for the GreatCo space that brought the mid-century modern aesthetic to the 21st century. We took inspiration with classic 60s space age aesthetics: sputnik chandeliers and curvilinear pendants and married them with the neutral white tones, bulb filaments and exposed joist and brick walls of our modern era. 

In this first phase of the design we followed the path of GreatCo's collaborators up the stairs and to their main conference room with a line of bulbs that weave and flow before meeting at one point, where the ideas happen, before exploding out once more in a linear chandelier, mirroring their creative workflow of bringing in different artists from disparate backgrounds to create a new idea that explodes into existence. 

In this update, we tackled their other creative spaces. Now, globe pendants mirror our bulb path aesthetic and lead you to the back room where you're in the warmer space where the ideas can flow more organically. Classic industrial sconces hang over the white boards where their team brainstorms the workflow for new projects.

We took the idea of sputnik chandeliers as a representation of the spreading of ideas and used a branching path fixture to mimic that organic spread of knowledge and then turned the world sideways, mounting them on the walls as a feature piece to both illuminate their creative space and illustrate GreatCo's style of reinterpreting ideas in new and dynamic ways. 

If an idea needs some time alone to brainstorm, you can duck away to the Manhattan room, named for Dr. Manhattan and the atomic pendant in the space. While it's typically another working space, the entire room lights up into rich, saturated color from a combination of the color-changing bulb in that pendant and two systems of LED strips that both up and downlight the environment to give yourself a chance to withdraw into a new creative space that modulates with color.

‚Äč© 2020 by Andrew Schmedake. 

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